Saturday, 3 October 2015

5 Tenets Of UX Industry Every UX Beginner Should Know

Undoubtedly, UX is one of the hottest sectors today. The high pay scale, big name recruiters, it all seems like fairy tale career choice.  But as glamorous as it might appear, there are certain things (read core beliefs) that a new UX professional must know and remember all the time.

1. UX Is More Than  Product Or Service:

The experience of the end user does not start and end with the product or service he uses. In fact, the product is just a part of it. To put it in a simple manner, user experience is a sum total of all the interactions that a user has with a company.

Product is just one of the many components of User Experience
It includes factors such as pre-sales, post sales conduct of the company. For example, if a product is great but customer care is pathetic then it definitely does not make a pleasant experience.

Besides, things such as company’s vision, belief and practices play a crucial role in shaping up the user experience. It is the job of the designer to inculcate these values in the design.

All the factors (offline and online) must combine perfectly to deliver a desirable experience for the user. Keeping the big picture in mind will always help you deliver better results and retain happy users.

2. Facts Are Your Best Friends:

Allow us to burst the creativity bubble that is often associated with UX design (well at least to some extent).UX design requires understanding the user as much as possible. And nothing helps more than having hard core facts and figures at one’s disposal.

One of the critical attributes of a successful designer is the ability to translate data (read facts) into useful design.
user experience tenets for beginners
Never Assume in UX
One of the biggest mistakes that UX professionals make is to make invalidated assumptions. This is one of the biggest traps into which many a designer has fallen (beginner or expert, there is no exception).

3. It Is Always About The User:

If you plan to work in UX industry then this is the mantra that you should never ever forget. It is because there is a user that there is the need to create an experience; a memorable one at that.
As a designer, a user must be the centre of your UX universe.

user experience tenets for beginners
Everything In UX Is About The User
Everything that you do should always revolve around the user. Always keep the users in mind even before you begin designing. After all, he is the one for whom you are creating that experience.

4. UX is Strategic:

The purpose of existence of UX is to improve and offer something that is adept at making people’s lives better. It is this belief that is the core of user experience field. So how does it help in achieving its goals?

It helps the users achieve their goals. This idea is the focal point of UX design. The main purpose of this idea is to improve the users’ experience with products/service they use and beyond that.
user experience tenets for beginners
Strategic Planning Either Makes Or Breaks the UX
It encompasses everything related to customer life cycle which consists of the following:
• Grabbing the user’s attention.
• Systematic enticement of the users to use the product or service.
• Making the whole journey memorable.

To sum it up, UX is basically driven by a vision that is driven and justifies every design decision.

5. Every Day Is A New Learning Experience:

User Experience Design is a dynamic industry and something new happens every other day. The fact that it is a human-centric field makes UX Design ever changing as people, their liking, wants and desires are always changing.

The users of today have matured and when you combine it with evolving technology it only means new challenges every new day. If you are expecting to have same two days at the office then you most probably are looking at wrong career choice.
There Is Always Something New And Exciting Happening in UX Industry
Quite often, what you learn through books and what you face in reality are quite different.

As a User Experience Professional you will face unexpected, difficult obstacles. And this is where you can find an opportunity to learn and evolve as a professional. With new challenges comes the chance to learn something new.

The urge to learn and evolve is what separates successful UX professionals from the rest. And if you are keen to grow as as UX designer then you must check this out.

So Happy UX to you!

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